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Martin Kania - A Design Philosophy

Anyone familiar with the lighting systems market knows the products of the German designer Martin Kania. Two classics in this field come from his creative pen, a cable system and a track system with open conductors.
Today, Martin Kania looks back on a varied career, creative from the start and involved in design projects of the most diverse kind.
Martin Kania luminaires are known around the world and copied in an infinite number of variants.

In 2003, Martin Kania relocated from Germany to the USA to pursue new opportunities.

Early Experience

After an apprenticeship in advertising and interior design, he worked for a sculptor for several years, where he learned the craft from design to finished product and then started his own business in this field. In line with his interests, he soon expanded his activities to include interior design and the design and manufacture of furniture.
After that, Martin Kania started his own business and gained experience in trade booth construction.


A free design study for an exhibition of modern design furniture. The chair is made of three panels and framed for stability. Sitting on the chair is surprisingly comfortable.

New Materials
Side Business

In those days, new materials were often the impetus for design development. This was the case for Martin Kania, who was introduced to fiberglass while working for a manufacturer of high-end sailing yachts and used his experience with the material to develop exclusive fiberglass loudspeakers.

AC 1 And AC 2
Desk Clocks

When the age of acrylic began in the design field, Martin Kania developed clocks (design price for the clocks AC1, AC2, and AC3) and acrylic lamps, followed by exhibitions of free design studies.

Wall Clock

The wall clock is made up of a 1-meter-long fiber mesh that is kept taut by a weight attached to it.

Low Voltage Luminaires

With the pendant lamp SUSA, Martin Kania created a luminaire in low-voltage halogen technology, which was also promptly awarded two design prizes.
This product line led to contact with other manufacturers. Initially, only joint sales activities developed into a long-lasting, highly fruitful cooperation. 

Low-Voltage Cable System - Less Is More

A simple and inexpensive low-voltage cable system. Martin Kania designs luminaires and mounting elements, concentrating increasingly on development and production. The system develops into a real hit and a significant market launch.
A fixture with two height-adjustable rods is attached to the cable with adjustable screw bolts. The fixture head rotates 360° on a vertical plane. The lamp is held to the socket with internal spring clips. HIGH-LINE is still in production today.

Low-Voltage Track System - Elegant And Minimalistic

The next project, a miniature track system, follows seamlessly. The uncompromisingly clean, classically reduced Kania design and the innovative technology come entirely from the pen of Martin Kania. This lighting system also won a design award. Consistently developed technical improvements to the current standard have earned the system a loyal clientele up to this day.

Lamp Holder
Low Voltage Lamp Holder Socket

Martin Kania is also known for his innovative ideas in developing lighting components. His innovation, a low-voltage lamp holder for 50W MR16 made of Fortran PPS thermoplastic, enabled structural integrity over a broad area of ambient temperatures and conditions. His development was the first of its kind in the lighting industry and received much praise, awards, and global recognition from companies such as Hoechst.

Modular Lighting System

The basic idea is to equip interior, exterior, and transitional areas with luminaires in a uniform design and modular structure for the upscale contract sector.
The product is a collection of recessed, surface-mounted, and wall-mounted luminaires in low-voltage halogen technology, HV halogen, HID, and LED in the strict and clean lines typical of Martin Kania.
Luminaires that do not compete with the architecture but discreetly support and enhance it. The luminaires are made of solid aluminum or solid stainless steel.

Miniature Luminaires

Another product from Martin Kania, also in the typical clear and timeless design, are small compact LED lights. The LED is without question the "light source of the future". It is small, economical, and achieves a high life expectancy. The first light-emitting diode (LED for short) was used more than 30 years ago. A few years later, the small electronic component was already part of everyday life in large quantities and was used in displays of stereos, televisions, answering machines, or as a warning signal in technical facilities. Meanwhile, the automotive industry is replacing conventional incandescent lamps with high-power LEDs.

LED Strip

This is more of a technical development and improvement of the single-color LED strips.
Martin Kania developed a LED strip for the Kania lighting systems company, which was not only dimmable but also the color temperature could be continuously adjusted from 2800k to 6500k, the first LED strip of its kind on the market.



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